Polar Bear Viewing In Churchill Canada

On the eastern shores of Hudson Bay, accessible only by means other than a road, lies a tiny seaport known as Churchill, in Manitoba.

If you come to Churchill in October or November, the bears will be slowly and lazily congregating along the coastal areas, in anticipation of the first hard winter freeze that will permit them to get out onto the ice and hunt for what is surely their favorite meal, the ringed seal.

Welcome to Churchill

Polar bears live out their life near the waters of the arctic where they hunt for seals, other prey and sometimes even man.
THey hunt along the rocky points, on ice floes and islands, coming to land only when necessary, and their white coats make them nearly invisible as they stalk their prey.

Depending on what you want out of the trip of course, someone in the community is going to help you accomnplish your goals for your polar bear adventure trip.

We all love bears but we know how dangerous they can be, and the polar bear, among the most dangerous of all bears, has been known to stalk and hunt man.

IT is therefore the most safe to view your polar bears from the Tundra Buggy which, in consideration of the cool air, is also the most comfortable way to view these polar bears in the bears’ natural environment.

Riding Mountain national park area is host to a guest ranch which will offer you daily treks to see the polar bear as well as in search of other wildlife such as the moose, elk and bison, and the black bear which also make their home in Manitoba.
The trip north to Churchill to see these most awe inspiring bears will be best experienced in the last quarter of the year, October, November will be your prime viewing months, as this is when the bears of Churchill will being to migrate toward the bay, waiting for that freeze up to go and hunt the seals that have been denied them most of the summer months.

Polar bears for all their beautiful looks are among the most dangerous animals in the world

The experts say that the best and most rewarding experience of your life will be to immerse yourself in the environment of the town, “from the moment you wake up, throughout the day and into the endless winter nights.”

Tundra Buggy Lodge is probably the best way to accomplish that particular feat, the mobile lodge being able to be transported where they want it to be, and assembled for the best polar bear viewing experience, with round the clock sightings.

A curious Polar bear checks out the Tundra Buggy

There is a hotel in Churchill that does provide transportation to the wildlife management area, where the Tundra Lodge is located, those who stay in the mobile lodge have the chance to wake up in the middle of the polar bears playground so to speak. and if the conditions are right, many times the bears can be seen emerging from beneath the blankets of snow they’ve pulled over them for the night, providing a unique viewing experience for the visitors to the Tundra Buggy Lodge.

The Tundra buggly lodge is made of up special modules, and when they are all linked together, which is done end to end, it is just about 100 meters long.
It provides two sleeping cars, that will hold 18 and 20 guests, as well as
a lounge, a dining car and a utility car, and in between them there are open decks to permit you to get out and see the polar bears with nothing between you and them, as well as, if the timing is right to see the famous and breathtaking northern lights first hand.
Incidentally, while youre in Churchill, take advantage of the chance to ride on a dog sled, and several other things you certainly aren’t going to find in your normal day to day existence.

A dogsled team in Churchill

Sound like an adventure you might be interested in taking part in?
If the Tundra Buggy Lodge sounds like where you want to be, you can make arrangements to go by:

Phone Toll free (North America): 1 (800) 663-9832
International: 1 (204) 949-2050

Or by visiting the website at: http://www.tundrabuggy.com/

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