Rafting the Zambezi River of Africa

Okay now, I like a good adventure as much as the next guy, or girl, but I”d have to say, you truly need to be a hard line adrenaline junkie type adventurer for this adventure expedition.
This is not your fathers vacation.

Every year, between July and January, in Africa’s Batoka Gorge, below the world reknowned Victoria falls, men, and women, put into the river for the trip of a lifetime.
The river rafting trip takes about 6-7 days and boasts such lovely names for the rapids, most of which are about class five, as Highway to Hell and Stairway to Heaven.

For those of you who don’t know what a class five rapids is, you aren’t prepared for this trip, however it means that you’re going to be navigating some of the most excessive waterways around which will feature the ever popular white water, large waves, big rocks and other hazards, large drops, and take some very precise skills in the maneuvering of the water.

To raft this kind of area, you should be advanced if not expert in the field of rafting whitewater areas.

This type rafting means, you should probably make sure your effects were in order prior to taking on the trip.

As if that weren’t bad enough, toss in a couple crocodiles, some hippos and monkey anointing you from above and all in all its the trip of a lifetime and I do mean that.

It is recommended that you bring along with you, a personal kit for first aid, that will include:
a broad spectrum antiobiotic, band aids, antihistimine, antibiotic cream and pain relievers.
Further things you will need for this trip are

Sandals or equivalent
lightweight sleeping bag
water bottle with small carabiner
brimmed hat
sunglasses with retainers
lightweight pants for camp
polypropylene / capilene top and bottoms
fleece jacket
lightweight rain/wind jacket

It might not be a bad idea to have some dog tags made. Your passport will also be necessary to help you cross between zambia and Zimbabwe, and too, it will help them identify you when you’re sent to the hospital.
Yes Folks, I’m joking… Well, Sort of.

If this kind of trip sounds like its right for you, take a hike over to Global Descents and book up.

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