Etiquette: Sharing the Trail

With ever increasing numbers of users on trails throughout our national and state parks, we must follow a Share the Trail philosophy. This means:

  • Hikers must yield to equestrians,
  • Bikers must yield to hikers and
  • Bikers must yield to equestrians.

Hikers should also remember when being approached by a faster hiker, you should step aside and let them pass. Hikers going downhill should generally yield to hikers coming uphill as a courtesy. When you are part of a large group, do not block the trail by hiking two or more wide, unless there is enough room to let others pass.

If you are mountain biking, first make sure that the trail you are on allows mountain bikes. Biking is prohibited in all Wilderness areas. When a biker approaches a horse, make sure you stop, pull off the trail, and let the horse go by. Mountain biking is a great sport, and we love to do it in addition to hiking. But many trails are being closed to mountain bikes, due to a few reckless bikers who think that the rules do not apply to them.

Please abide by the rules set forth by the particular managing agency of the trail and park. The basic rule is to simply be considerate of others using the trail along with you. Being outdoors hiking, mountain biking or riding is meant to be a relaxing and enjoyable experience.

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