Importance of Water and Hydration

Without a doubt, proper hydration is important to your health. It has been well documented that the human body is composed of 80% water. Our muscles, blood, lungs and brain are all more than 75% water. This means water plays a very large role in maintaining your peak performance.

So what happens if you arent properly hydrated Even slight dehydration can affect your concentration, memory, cause fatigue and diminish performance. Keeping your body hydrated can also help most of us reduce back and joint pain.

The general rule is that adults should drink 8 glasses of water every day. And this doesnt take into consideration the additional water to support you exercise needs. If you are working out, you need to add 1 glass for every 30 minutes of workout. If you are exercising in hot temperatures, you need to drink even more.

Water can also improve your health. If you are trying to loose weight, water helps suppress hunger and helps to increase your metabolism. It also helps by cleaning your body of waste products and toxins and helps your body absorb vitamins and nutrients.

Although they are mostly water, dont count sodas and coffee in the 8 glasses (or more) a day that you are supposed to drink. Anything mixed in with the water makes it more difficult to absorb in your body. The best thing is pure cool water. If you are suffering from headaches, dizziness or constipation, you may be dehydrated, and should try drinking at least 8 glasses of water daily.

Get hydrated, get out there and enjoy yourself!

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