Moleskin a Hiker’s Friend

Moleskin is a hikers best friend. Not only does moleskin help prevent blisters, it can also provide some relief for blisters that have already formed.

What is moleskin It is simply a tough, two layer tape. On one side is a cloth-like material and on the other side is an adhesive pad. There is also something called molefoam. The only difference in the two is the thickness, molefoam is thicker than moleskin.

The physics behind moleskin is simple.[ENDSPAN] A blister occurs because your boot is rubbing against your skin. When you place moleskin around the blister, you are making the area around the blister to be the same height as the blister. This reduces the rubbing on the blister. If the blister is taller than a single layer of moleskin, you can use several layers of moleskin until you have the desired height.

What to do if you already have a blister. For a basic blister, cut a square of moleskin slightly larger than the blister. Now here is where it gets a little harder, you must cut a hole in the square the same size as the blister. Pull the covering from the adhesive and place the moleskin over your blister with the blister in the hole. Sometimes, the adhesive doesn’t hold very well, so you can add some athletic tape to help hold it in place.

Prevention is the best medicine. If you feel a hotspot (an area of your foot that is being rubbed by your boot) cover it with moleskin. Covering the hotspot with moleskin reduces the rubbing that your boot causes on this spot.

Blisters are a hikers worst nightmare. Once blisters form on trail, they are very hard to heal and can get infected very easily. Be sure you take care of them properly so they dont get infected.

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