Fishing in Clear Water

Fishing in clear water is a spooky proposition to most fishermen, particularly if you don’t have a lot of experience with doing that.

I tend to enjoy it actually because it presents a bit more of a challenge.

When facing water that is very clear, look around to see what kind of cover there is available to you, and try to fish those areas. Grass cover will make a lot of hiding places for the fish, and offer them some feeling of protection, but needs a bit of extra effort so far as lures, but there are several that will work well for you.

Choose a lure that will cover the water both quickly and efficiently. You’ll find this will be most effective for you in clearer water.

When you choose the lure use the layout of the grass and let the lake be your guide in selecting one.

The three general lures that are going to be your best bet in a situation such as this where the water is more clear and things are more easily seen will be the spinnerbait, buzzbait and rattle trap.

When you are fishing clear water, the main thing you are really shooting for is to make sure that you use a smaller bait, something that will be less visible, particularly in clear water with a higher light, such as on a sunny day.

The small size is not as gaudy looking, or as easily seen as some of the larger baits, and will appear to the fish to be more realistic and therefore will be hit on far more rapidly than some of the larger cousins.

Another key ingredient is speed. Fish your lure rather quickly so that the fish in clear water, where the ability to see is enhanced, don’t get a really good look at what they are hitting on, but rather are guided by reflex to hit on the target, not by viewing it as a food source, but simply a sparkle in the water that could be food.

Every one of these lures will catch you some fish in a clear water area, but your best bet is going to be the grassy parts, and if there are none, choose a marina, a dock or something else man made such as a boat launch or what have you as these are going to attract the fish as well.

Bottom line. a little cover is better than none, fish lures and run them through quickly to enhance your fishing catch in a clear water area.

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