Identifying Your Trout

Fishing for trout is a satisfying endeavor, and can be done nearly anywhere, from Canada to Virginia, in creeks and streams nearly nation wide.

There are many different kinds of fish, and more than just a few kinds of trout, and depending on what you catch, it will or won’t be in season, and knowing what you’ve got hold of is going to make the difference in whether or not you can keep it and remain free of a fine from the Fishing Service.

Every fisherman should be able to at least roughly identify the kind of fish he’s caught, know whether its in season, or carry an identifying poster with him or her.

If you can’t, its nothing more than asking for problems.

Different fish have some basic things about them that will identify them as various kinds of trout, or grayling, or pike, and knowing a few of these will in many cases help you to be able to identify the fish.

Cut Throat Trout

The Cutthroat Trout for instance, got its name from the the red, orange and yellow streaking that goes across the neck. Its back is an olive color, the side is brown and the belly is white. There are black spots covering most of the body.

The Brown Trout, has a creamy colored body, green and yellow green sides and dark spots that cover its back.

The Brook Trout, is different than many trout coloration. The body background is an olive color and it sports large yellow spots over its body. Their fins are red brown while the belly is either yellow or white.
Rainbow Trout

A Rainbow Trout, which is also the most widely fished for and caught in the United states, will be fairly easy to identify for even the novice because of the rainbow coloring on its back and sides. It is Olive on the back, white on the belly and the bright pink bars across its sides.

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