Making a Temporary Ice Fishing Hut

Wintertime fishing or spear fishing is an interesting and fun hobby with just a couple drawbacks to make it less fun.

Aside from the cold, the means to see clearly what you are trying to spear or catch below you is one huge pain in the neck, because the sun’s glare prevents you from seeing anything really well in the wintertime.

An ice fishing, or spear fishing hut can help with this drawback immensely, because when its well made, its nearly all the way dark inside, which makes the water nearly glow beneath you, helping you to see far better whats below you that you are trying to catch or spear.

Bring along four square posts about 8 feet long, and cross bar posts, as well as a few planks and a screwdriver and screws to your site.

Decide where you want to make your ice-fishing hole and lay down the planks which you can mark with the hole placement for cutting later.

Arrange the posts to make a frame. Use a drill and screws to assemble the posts. Haul the frame out on the ice.

Place the frame over the plank floor. Cut a hole in the ice and the plank floor. The hole should be in the forward part of the ice-fishing house to leave room for you to sit down and store an ice-fishing stove.

Cover the frame using thick blankets or dark colored tarps or canvas. If the hut is going to sit there for the better part of the winter time, use four pieces of plywood to make your walls and secure them with screws, as well as another for your roofing.

Note the snow packed beneath the house to preclude the light from entering the hut

Pack snow around the ice-fishing house so that no light comes in under it. If snow is covering the ice outside, sweep it away. The natural light outside is going to illuminate the water below you so that you can see the hole and the water, due to the darkness of the ice house.

* Use caution while working on the ice. Be absolutely certain that the ice is thick enough to support an ice-fishing house and to support you. Driving on the ice is not a good idea unless you are familiar with the thickness well ahead of time.

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