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Most people think that shark fishing requires thousands of dollars of extra gear and chartered boat trips, while the reality is that nothing could be further from the truth.

Sure, there is some special gear required, but not all sharks are creatures from the deep sea, and shark fishing can easily be done from the beach or smaller boat.

If you are searching for a little excitement while you’re combing the beaches,. fishing for shark can offer you one of the most top notch adrenaline filled experiences you will ever have.

Costal shark fishing
Costal shark fishing


Many times each year, the news copters in Florida capture video and reports of literally hundreds of sharks that are moving up the coastlines and are seeking cooler areas. Texas has the same experience and is literally loaded with shark just waiting for your hooks to land in front of them.

The gulf coasts are where mako and bull sharks call home, while in New Jersey, there are multiple species of shark that you can catch there.

A shark will eat pretty much anything, but there are some things that make them insane to eat, among those things, jacks, lady fish and bonito.

Find the best bait for the sharks in your area and you’re halfway there really, to reeling in a big one. Keeping the bain on your hook during the first encounter with your prey is another aspect of the hunt.

Blue Shark Hooked
Blue Shark Hooked

Realistically you can’t just toss out a hunk of bait and expect to land a big shark, because you need a bit of knowledge about how to keep the hook in the sharks mouth during the battle.

As anyone with any real experience will tell you too, landing the shark isn’t always a picnic. Grabbing a shark that’s taller than you are by the tail can be interesting at best and getting the hook out of the mouth without a nasty bite is going to make for some interesting maneuvering and is in fact a real team effort.

Particularly if you are catching and releasing, you want to make sure that everyone, including the shark gets away with as few bumps and scratches as possible.

Reef Shark

With over 5000 miles of coastline on the United States there is water aplenty for sharks to swim.

All along the coastline you are going to see them, but the majority will be in gulf states as well as Florida.
Your best bet will be fishing one of these areas.

A large caribbean reef shark
A large caribbean reef shark

While California also has their own share of sharks that hang out along the beach’s, most of them are larger, some even great whites. I would imagine it to be more than difficult to land one of those guys from the beach and keep all your arms and legs intact.

Many of us live less than a two hour drive from a coast, but very few have tried fishing for sharks, and most don’t even know that they have the option to try shark fishing.

The simple truth is that there are more sharks on any given beach than people would like to think. You would be literally amazed if not scared to death if you knew how many sharks swim right there among you and no one gets attacked.

People are just not a natural source of food for sharks and deep down, they know it.

Most of the bites you read about in the news will be from people in the wrong place at the right time or people swimming in an area where a bait fish that is a natural food for sharks is also swimming.

Shark fishing can be accomplished from a charter boat, but also can easily be done from the beach, provided you select the right location.

blacktip sharks are often caught by beach anglers
blacktip sharks are often caught by beach anglers

Choosing a place where there are hundreds swimmers isn’t common sense and not a good idea, but if you choose correctly you’ve got a good chance of getting your hands on a great looking shark, and making sure that everyone stays safe too.

Florida Fish Commission has just a few rules to fish for shark and the license is easy to accomplish.

I’ve seen sharks be caught less than fifteen feet from shore. Some nice ones, so next time you decide to visit Texas or Florida, pay a visit to the Fish commission and get a license to fish for shark.

You will have the day of a lifetime when you reel him in.


  1. Power FishermanPower Fisherman
    September 26, 2008

    Our team just landed and released a 12 foot tiger shark from the beach. Here is the link to the video: http://tx-sharkfishing.com/

    There is also a shark fishing handbook: http://tx-sharkfishing.com/shark-fishing/



  2. Henry BlancoHenry Blanco
    February 6, 2009

    Sharkfishing from the beach is unheard of in the Philippines! Or maybe there is no more sharks due to rampant dynamite fishing?

  3. Joe CrossJoe Cross
    April 3, 2009

    My uncle and I used to catch small sharks from the breakwater in Manila Bay. The technique was to first catch Sargeant Majors (fish). Using these as live bait, and a polyfilament braided steel leader, we tied on large block of styropore as the float, threw the bait about 25 meters out and waited. We often caught small gray sharks of about 3 feet long for our trouble.

  4. sharkshark
    March 9, 2010

    Get over yourself Deaver, you will look anywhere to try and get recognition and make yourself look like ” THE MAN”. You need to get over your “little man syndrome”.

  5. MikeMike
    May 10, 2011

    Killing animals for “excitement”. What has this world come to?

    Man up.

  6. andreaaaaaahandreaaaaaah
    September 24, 2011

    mike, perhaps YOU need to man up.. fishing and hunting are sports and a good way to fill up your frigerator if you are broke for grocery shopping.. It goes back to the begining of time.. even if it if isn’t a poor family fishing or hunting for food, maybe a rich guy on a yaht it still is a great sport that is excting and unless we are being poachers for creatures that are on the extinction list it is good for population control. Coming from the land of 10,000000 + lakes in Minnesota we have plenty of fish to go around and there are laws and requirements of size and such in which you can keep..the others are fine and just go back to repopululate the lake some more.. Also, obviously you have never been driving and a deer randomly runs thru out causing a spin out or death of the unexpecting driver or passengers..

    Hunting helps keep the moderation of the populations.. there are rules and licenses we have to have to hunt these deer and other live game so we don;t ruin their existence and limits and cerian seasons where doe are able to be hunted but if we didn’t have hunting them as a choice for entertainment, as redneck or barbaric as that may sound to people, we would have triple/qualdrouple the amount of highway accidents and deaths.. also, it is damn good eating and fills up a freezer for a full winter. Humans are part of nature, whether in this age or when it was nessecary back in the ice ages.

    Another example, wild hogs and boar in texas.. people do go out with their dip in jaw and big shotguns looking to shoot wild hogs so they don’t detroy their field and ranches.. Yeah, it provides cheap quality outdoor entertainment as well as preventing rabid diseases of these creatures spreading and mainting their means of living if they are using their crops or farm animals as a business.. it is what it is.. I’m going shark fishing this weekend for the first time as a current resident of California.. We will eat what we catch, shark has good meat.. and its legal.. I can see both points of veiws and I am not able to shoot a doe or bear myself because I would be sensitive to the “innocent unknowing victim” but if soemone else wants to hunt it i’ll eat the smoked summer sausage and hope I don;t have to swerve off the road for another deer in the headlights..

    get out of the house, get off those violent computer games where kids are killing people in war games (i was also in Afghnaistan as military) the reality of that is ridiculous with these games, yeah its a game and not really killing bambi’s parents or Free willy’s buddies but at least we are being active in the beautiful outdoors and .. you just obviously have no idea.

    i don;t care what PETA and others say.. I can look at both views and see their point.. Its fun, legal and good eats! i have my fishing license and plan to use hooks and dead squid to catch a leaopard shark.. I’m gonna post pics and get a rush off trying toi reel the thing in.. I have some redneck in me and proud of it! The great oudoors are waiting.. Guys should rasie their sons and daughters with some balls rather than just buying them another video console to rot their brains.. it doesnt have to be “murdering innocent creatures” but do sooomething!! next time you hear of a wild turkey charging people minding their own business or dumb deers causing a 5 car pile up.. maybe you won;t be sooo anti-hunting.. Yeah, it is a sport, like golf somehow is considered one.. i never had to shoot a person, thank God, and i am not about to shoot a Bambi or jack the bear but.. it is is what it is.. Shark fishing here i come!

  7. scabbsscabbs
    October 15, 2011

    your arguments ring completely hollow when it comes to hunting shark. Population control? Give me a break. Worldwide populations of most shark species are crashing, and it’s bad enough that we have no idea of the consequences, but it’s worse when people like you don’t care and come up with phony baloney excuses and equate reckless trophy harvesting of top predators with basic subsistence fishing. The two have almost nothing in common.

  8. JohnJohn
    January 19, 2012

    sabbs, you know the vast majority of shark fisherman practice catch and release right? So most of the time the sharks simply swim away free to roam the seas again. Oh, and I think I’ve got a band-aid around here somewhere for your bleading heart.

  9. AaronAaron
    February 21, 2012

    I agree with Scabbs. As an avid fisherman, I love fishing and enjoy it as much as anyone. But I find it absurd that Andreaaah is talking about how there are rules and regulations to protect fish and yet fails to realize that the populations of shark have declined 90% over the last 50 years.

    There are so many other species of fish out there that can be caught for both sport and food that aren’t nearly endangered. Comparing shark fishing to hunting deer for population control and food is an insanely wrong analogy. A better analogy would be like someone killing white rhinos for food and calling it population control. No matter what way you spin it, it is just plain wrong.

  10. bobbybobby
    March 15, 2012

    mike ur a cowardly weakling

  11. Angie GriffithAngie Griffith
    March 26, 2012

    I just wanted to say how much I’m going to enjoy my trip to shark point @ the Everglades National park this weekend. I am soooo gonna try to catch a shark. I’m a strictly catch and release kinda gal so does anyone have any tips about how to remove the hook WITHOUT losing a hand or arm, lol?? I know I just laughed but I’m serious. Any advice?? Thanks. :)

  12. JohnJohn
    May 8, 2012

    Worldwide shars population is low, but around the US they are quite abundant. They are migratory, but no that much. Unless you want to catch a bunch and transport them to the places where they are low don’t hassle those who catch them for sport. The vast majority of sharks caught are relieced to fight another day. Those who catch them to eat don’t catch enough to put a dent in the population. If you want to gripe, gripe about the asian market that kills them for thier fins and dumps the meat overboard. Now that’s just stupid and wastefull.

  13. JohnJohn
    May 8, 2012

    Guess I should have proof read that first. Oops. Shark

  14. walterbkeenwalterbkeen
    May 26, 2012

    While what you say is true to some degree, Andrea also brings up a good point as well. Personally, I grew up sport fishing and hunting with my father and hope to spend as much time as possible with my son doing the same. Bear in mind that a large portion of the conservation effort actually comes from sportsmen like myself and Andrea. While it is true that shark species are crashing, this is very likely due to the longterm affects of commercial fishing for both the baitfish and the sharks themselves (sharkfin soup). Conservation is everyones responsibility and sportsmen know this better than anyone. After all if the species goes away so does our sport. Personnaly i practice catch and release whenever possible and recommend others to do the same. But if you keep it, eat it or donate it to shelters to feed the less fortunate.

  15. howard greerhoward greer
    May 26, 2012

    god put animals on this earth for man to eat bottom line so all you panseys that complian about real men hunting and fishing need to go cry somewhere else

  16. brad mathesonbrad matheson
    June 26, 2012

    yah i agree with andreaaaaaah….im only 16 years old and ive been fishing since a little guy. i fish every day and hunt when the season starts. hunting and fishing are very good for food if your broke it keeps food on the table it keeps u from being hungry. it is fun to do and also very good for someone who is broke or may like to taste fish or meat from game every once in awhile.

  17. nick shark&hally mannick shark&hally man
    August 28, 2012

    its all in moderation fellas, im 25 years old born an raised in la. california fished for sharks, halibut fresh water. its all about being educated yah its kool to keep fish, but pay attention to endangered species list, an population of fish, an be wise cuhz we all have to live in dis world, an for us fisherman who enjoy fishing an appreciate the amazing creatures with teeth an weight accumulating to 2 cars, you can appreciate what im saying.

    fish tilll ur hearts content but be respectful of mother nature, release all great whites, an tiger sharks, there beautys of the ocean an should only be caught an photographed then released, an for the monster like flat head cat fish, huge halibut salmon what ever you like, think about releasin them, they lived over 100 years probablly, i do agree on living off the land cuhz im native. so its all jus being considerate of ur resources. im goin, salmon fishin in a week, an den shark fishing for makos in 3 weeks.

  18. juicejuice
    September 22, 2012

    why is it that every thread i read, even about trout fishing, there are PETA DICKS talking crap all day. get a life, you like fishing or you dont. if you dont get off the thread, jesus!

  19. ClaytonClayton
    January 21, 2013

    Y’all need to go to Tx over 50 sharks in a weekend. Plus so many hogs to shoot, you will start to hate pork. Hunting is for population control, there just aren’t enough predators left to have a self managing Eco system. Two Russian boar in a ten acre pen in 2 years make between 80 to 150 pigs. No season, shoot ever one you see then set traps. Go on YouTube and look at commercial fishing, it’s hard not to catch a shark. We were catching them on shrimp, crabs, lures, you name it we hooked one on it.

    January 11, 2014

    GIVE ME A BREAK>>>NO ONE KNOWS HOW MANY SHARKS THERE ARE IN THE OCEAN. PERIOD. If you have that knowledge you wouldn’t have even entertained yourself on this board.

  21. local boylocal boy
    January 24, 2015

    Don’t ya all know that the only shark you can eat is Mako. Every other shark out there pisses through its skin and has very high mercury levels. I know if you were all so hungry you could trade those big reels and rods in and go get you some food. So quit fighting sharks off the beach for Excitement. If you need a fair sport for the animal and you go Bull riding in Okeechobee. That’s a real Tough man’s sport.

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