Shark Fishing from the Beach

Most people think that shark fishing requires thousands of dollars of extra gear and chartered boat trips, while the reality is that nothing could be further from the truth.

Sure, there is some special gear required, but not all sharks are creatures from the deep sea, and shark fishing can easily be done from the beach or smaller boat.

If you are searching for a little excitement while you’re combing the beaches,. fishing for shark can offer you one of the most top notch adrenaline filled experiences you will ever have.

Costal shark fishing


Many times each year, the news copters in Florida capture video and reports of literally hundreds of sharks that are moving up the coastlines and are seeking cooler areas. Texas has the same experience and is literally loaded with shark just waiting for your hooks to land in front of them.

The gulf coasts are where mako and bull sharks call home, while in New Jersey, there are multiple species of shark that you can catch there.

A shark will eat pretty much anything, but there are some things that make them insane to eat, among those things, jacks, lady fish and bonito.

Find the best bait for the sharks in your area and you’re halfway there really, to reeling in a big one. Keeping the bain on your hook during the first encounter with your prey is another aspect of the hunt.

Blue Shark HookedRealistically you can’t just toss out a hunk of bait and expect to land a big shark, because you need a bit of knowledge about how to keep the hook in the sharks mouth during the battle.

As anyone with any real experience will tell you too, landing the shark isn’t always a picnic. Grabbing a shark that’s taller than you are by the tail can be interesting at best and getting the hook out of the mouth without a nasty bite is going to make for some interesting maneuvering and is in fact a real team effort.

Particularly if you are catching and releasing, you want to make sure that everyone, including the shark gets away with as few bumps and scratches as possible.

Reef Shark

With over 5000 miles of coastline on the United States there is water aplenty for sharks to swim.

All along the coastline you are going to see them, but the majority will be in gulf states as well as Florida.
Your best bet will be fishing one of these areas.

A large caribbean reef shark While California also has their own share of sharks that hang out along the beach’s, most of them are larger, some even great whites. I would imagine it to be more than difficult to land one of those guys from the beach and keep all your arms and legs intact.

Many of us live less than a two hour drive from a coast, but very few have tried fishing for sharks, and most don’t even know that they have the option to try shark fishing.

The simple truth is that there are more sharks on any given beach than people would like to think. You would be literally amazed if not scared to death if you knew how many sharks swim right there among you and no one gets attacked.

People are just not a natural source of food for sharks and deep down, they know it.

Most of the bites you read about in the news will be from people in the wrong place at the right time or people swimming in an area where a bait fish that is a natural food for sharks is also swimming.

Shark fishing can be accomplished from a charter boat, but also can easily be done from the beach, provided you select the right location.

blacktip sharks are often caught by beach anglers

Choosing a place where there are hundreds swimmers isn’t common sense and not a good idea, but if you choose correctly you’ve got a good chance of getting your hands on a great looking shark, and making sure that everyone stays safe too.

Florida Fish Commission has just a few rules to fish for shark and the license is easy to accomplish.

I’ve seen sharks be caught less than fifteen feet from shore. Some nice ones, so next time you decide to visit Texas or Florida, pay a visit to the Fish commission and get a license to fish for shark.

You will have the day of a lifetime when you reel him in.

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