Summer Bass Fishing in Alabama

Summer time is on its way, and not fast enough for those of us who are waiting for the bass fishing opportunities and the warming weather.

Lake  Guntersville Alabama is another big summertime draw and many of those who fish there can’t wait for the weather to clear and the lake to weave its fishing magic.

Early summer in Lake Guntersville, and the early summer fishing, which has as much to do with the heat as the season, is the place to be for bass.

Monster Bass, a bit over nine pounds

Early June sees water temperatures in the mid 70’s to low 80’s, fishermen  on the lake and an easy limit of bass each day for the ardent fisherman.

You will find that early morning is the easier time to catch fish on Lake Guntersville, and the tp of the water is the place to be fishing, with the fish biting avidly  particularly  the shad if you  work your Pop-R, Spook and Buzz-bait.

This  requires you to hit the lake early and late in the day find the baitfish and start working those top-water baits. Guaranteed you will catch feeding bass and have a lot of fun doing it. You have about 2 to 3 hours in the morning and couple of hours late in the evening so make use of it.

As the sun moves toward high noon your worm fishing becomes your most productive pattern. This however is a lot slower fishing than the top-water bite, your fishing for a few bites so be patient.There are different ways at this point to work the worm, the traditional way would be to find unusual grass edges and fish the edges, the most obscure would be to swim the worm in that 3 to 4 ft. of water over the grass pulling it slow and easy to generate a bite using a 1/8 oz. Weight.

Still in the early summer there are still some patterns for fast moving baits especially if you can find areas that the grass seems behind compared to the thicker grassy parts of the lake. A rattle trap, or baby 1 minus have a real shot at producing numbers.

Spinner bait too  is always a good bet in early summer and if you try using a heavier,  ¾ oz. Spinner bait and pull that in the grass ditches and edges of the humps, working it slowly, letting it tickle the grass, changing your speeds, then you will find that it works well for you. ime of year the sound aggravates those bass so buy a buzz-bait that makes a lot of noise and causes reaction bites early and often. Throw this along grass edges in the main points of lake, look for grass edges and work this bait just over the top of the water that has grass under it. Parallel the edge and you will have some fun.
Lastly get in that grass, and work a “Fluke” or ”Whacky” worm, pull this to the holes in the grass, let it drop and produce bites. Also, jerk it and move it through the grass in irregular patterns, this imitates a wounded baitfish and this time of year they are looking for easy pray. The bass cannot stand the slow drop of these baits and attack it vigorously.

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