Bear Hunting Pennsylvania

Bear hunting, there are many different ways to hunt bear. You can hunt bear from baiting, spot and stalk, with hounds or just picking a good looking spot and waiting or even driving them out. No matter how you choose to do it I think it is exiting. I shot one that weighed 280 pounds dressed out and it was by far the most exiting hunt I’ve ever had.

I was hunting with my older brother and a good friend of ours which made it
even more memorable. Granted, the nay-sayers are going to tell you that hunting is a male thing, but I’ve got female friends who do it too and we’re not compensating for anything, nor is it a hormone driven event folks. It’s plain sport. It’s pitting ourselves against something that could just as easily see us before we see it.

I could not believe how quiet and hard to see the bear was. He was twenty yards away and just stepped out of a shadow. I went from freezing cold to sweating instantly. I some how calmed myself enough to get the gun up and settle the cross hairs right behind his shoulder and my shot was somehow amazingly on target( and yes it was amazing) and he went down right away but I waited for the other two guys to show up before we went where he fell.

What a beautiful animal he was. Which brings up another thought. You will need a lot of help getting a bear out of the woods. Lucky for me the gun fire drew quite
a crowd one of which had a big four wheeler and was nice enough to hall the bear out after we field dressed it.

As far as guns for bear go my feeling is the bigger the better as long as you can
handle it well. I used my 35 rem. and it worked quite well. If you don’t know the
area you are going to hunt you may want to consider hiring a guide or outfitter
there are a lot of fine ones with good reputations. As always when choosing one I
would get references and check them out well.

Check well ahead of time on licensing procedures as some areas you have to enter a
drawing to get them. Some seasons are open now and some aren’t until November. But if you choose to go and you are lucky enough to get a bear in range I can promise you your adrenalin will be pumping and that’s what it’s all about.

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