Bicycle Helmet Safety

In many states, laws require the use of bicycle helmets, if only for those under 18 years old. However there are some states that do not require helmets, which is surprising to us at outdoor.com.

Unfortunately, many individuals believe that accidents only happen to the “other guy.” And a major change in attitude must occur regarding wearing helmets. We believe the best way for this to occur is to educate everyone we can about bicycle safety issues.

Here are a few details from BHSI about the importance of wearing a bicycle helmet:

  1. Approximately 1:8 bicycle accidents result in brain injuries.
  2. Approximately 800 people per year die from bicycle accidents.
  3. Of the 540,000 bicycle accidents seen in the emergency room, 67,000 of those are head injuries.

Fortunately, a helmet doesn’t cost a lot. A $30 helmet will protect your head as well as a $200 helmet and is of minimal cost compared to the cost of a bicycle and can help tremendously in preventing most head injuries.

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