Bicycle Safety

Bicycling, either mountain biking or road cycling, is not an inherently dangerous sport but any activity can be dangerous and can lead to injury without the proper precautions. This guide is not for those who are looking for safely interacting with traffic or following the rules of the road. In most states, your nearest motor vehicle department office will have information regarding the rules of the road.

Below are some basic “no-brainers” to bicycle safety:

  • Make sure your bicycle tires are correctly inflated.
  • Make sure that all parts are well lubed.
  • Make that all bolts and screw are properly tightened.
  • Make sure all spokes are intact.
  • Make sure the seat is properly adjusted and at the right height.
  • Make sure that the bicycle handlebars are not loose.
  • Be sure to bring water with you, especially when biking out in the backcountry.

Parents should consider having children first learning to ride elbow and knee pads. Your knees and elbows are frequently injured. Although somewhat uncomfortable, it is certainly worth the precaution.

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