Biking in Snow

There’s nothing like going out for a ride when a layer of fresh white stuff is on the ground. From the crunch of snow under your tires to the music of a spinning tire to the silence of the world around you there is something to enjoy in everything you see and hear.

But riding in snow is not for the faint of heart. For one it is cold and because your front wheel can plow down into the snow, chances are pretty good you’ll eventually experience a spectacular nose dive.

Some tips to help avoid getting a face full of snow:
Maintain Your Balance: Stay seated and center your weight over the bottom bracket. If your weight is too far back, your rear wheel will bog down. If your weight is in front of the bottom bracket, your front wheel will plow down into the snow rather than skim through it.

Steer The Whole Bike: Don’t just turn the bars. In snow you have to move the bike with your whole body. You want to steer wide when turning and twist with your hips to make turns. For a right-hand turn, for example, swivel your left side toward the bike. Remember riding in snow is like riding through gravel or dust so expect to skid a little while turning.

Keep Your Traction: Lower your tire pressure about 10-15 psi below normal. The deeper the snow, the less pressure you should use. Anywhere down to about 20psi is do-able. The idea is to maximize the amount of tire surface to keep you on top and in control.

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