Biking: Watching for Hazards

When mountain biking, especially along more difficult trails, be careful and watch out for dangerous conditions, including things like open mine shafts, cliffs, slippery or loose rock surfaces, etc. Always ride within your ability and physical conditioning. When with children, please be extra careful to keep an eye on them so they don’t wander into a dangerous condition. Mountain biking safely is YOUR responsibility, and it only takes one slip or fall to get seriously injured or killed.

Know your own abilities and conditioning and your partner’s when planning a ride. Make sure the rides that you are going on are appropriate for the age, experience of everyone. Mishaps can happen, and to maintain the best safety, pick trails that are appropriate for the group.

If you will be mountain biking with your family and children, make sure that the trail is safe and appropriate for them. Please take the time to contact the managing agency of the trail and get help in making the best decision. Many moderate and difficult trails contain sections that could prove difficult for small children to navigate, or may be dangerous due to cliffs, steep terrain, etc.

We want everyone to ride safely and come back will great memories. Take the proper precautions so that your outing is enjoyable.

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