Riding Across Ice

Fortunately you are only likely to encounter ice in small patches when mountain biking. Ice is an unfriendly surface to ride on. The lack of friction provides almost zero grip for your tires, which makes braking, steering and even pedaling very precarious. If you can avoid riding on ice then do so. On winter days, look out for shaded areas or hollows and for rutted tracks where the sun will not have warmed the road or trail surface and any lying water or frost may still be frozen.

In most cases, riders are caught by surprise when they encounter ice. You need to relax and ride as smoothly as possible. Sudden actions will only result in your wheels slipping. Your brakes will be ineffective. Do not use your front brake at all as this may result in your front wheel sliding out.

Do not pedal unless you are coming to a stop. Let your momentum take you over the ice patch. If you begin to slip, you may have to put your foot on the ground to help keep you upright.

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