Riding Off-camber Trails

Riding across an angled or off-camber slope requires a different technique to riding on a flat trail. Obviously the off camber will be harder to negotiate if the surface is very steep or very slippery. On dry grass the bike will grip to the surface and riding will not be a problem but if the slope is loose rock then your technique will have to be good if you are going to remain in control!

When you traverse across the hill, gravity wants to pull the bike down the slope. It is only your balance and the grip of the tires that keeps the bike going in a straight line.

Where possible, look for an alternative line with less of incline. Stay as high as possible this gives you space to move down slope if you begin to slip. If you need to pedal make sure that your upslope pedal does not catch on the ground. Use an easy gear and stay seated to prevent wheel spin. If you have to brake, brake lightly using the rear brake only. Move your body weight slightly to the down slope side of the bike. Put more pressure on the down slope pedal and handlebar. Look ahead along the line you wish to take, to help with your balance.

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