Talc Your Tubes

To make changing a flat easier, put talcum powder inside your tire and on your tubes. The talc acts as a lubricant that makes the tire slide off and on the rim much easier. It also prevents the tire from sticking to the inside of the tube, which can make it difficult to get the tube out of the tire. Don’t worry about buying anything special, the cheapest baby powder will do.

When you buy a new tire, put some talc inside before mounting it on the rim, and rotate the tire to distribute the talc. Be sure to use enough powder to generously coat the inside of the tire. A couple of tablespoons should do the trick.

One great method of applying talc to tubes is to remove the new tubes from the box and unroll them. Place them inside a paper bag, add a liberal amount of talc, then shake vigorously. Take the tubes out of the bag, roll them back up and put them in plastic ziplock bags. They are now ready to go into your seat pack when needed.

Every time you patch a tube still patch them if they’re not badly damaged repeat the ‘bag’ procedure. You’ll need to re-talc the tube after handling and heavily powder the patched area to keep it from sticking to the inside of the tire.

Using talcum powder on your tires may sound a little strange at first, but the truth is, it works. The small amount of time it takes is paid back several fold when you have to change a flat on the road or even in your driveway.

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