Outdoor Jobs and Careers

Do you love the outdoors and can’t wait for the weekend so you can leave the job behind and go camping, fishing or hiking? You are not alone; there are many people who dream of having their jobs outside in the open air. There are many people who have chosen to make their outdoor hobby a career, it takes effort and a bit of digging but the jobs can be found. One place to search is the occupational outlook handbook that the United States Government publishes each year online and in print. These are just a few examples of the jobs that allow you to pursue your hobby and make a living doing that.


Foresters are employed to manage the nations national forests and direct the various activities on them for the benefit of the public which has interests involving economic, conservational, recreational, and environmental. The forestry jobs can range from the preservation of forests and protection from wildfires and deciding which trees can be safely harvested for economic use. The procurement foresters come to know and appreciate the timber and land use as they balance the logging interests with conservation and the myriad of environmental regulations from the Federal, State and local areas.

The other career fields in the outdoor arena are as varied as the types of outdoor recreation that are used by the public; from the tour guides in our national parks to the oceanographers who study the world’s oceans and how they impact and are in turn, impacted by humans. The state and local parks as well as national landmarks are usually in need of workers, both seasonal and longer term.  One of the places to find out about outdoor jobs is http://wilderdom.com ; another is the http://www.outdoorindustryjobs.com . These are reputable places to look and there are many others online.

When considering changing careers to an outdoor one, it is a wise idea to do your research first. Find out what is available and ties in best with the work you already do, so that you can use your experience to obtain that job you dream of.  One other place to check for turning seasonal jobs into careers is http://jobsearch.about.com/od/tempjobs/a/seasonal.htm . Most importantly, plan your moves as carefully as you do the fishing or hunting trip to bag the trophy game. Planning and research for outdoor jobs will lead to finding the specific outdoor job that will allow you to do what you love for a living.

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