Dealing with Conflict

There are bound to be occasions when as a cyclist you could encounter situations when feelings run high. You may nearly have been involved in an accident because a driver just didn’t register your presence or worse they were fully aware of you, but still did something stupid. You might be too shaken to do anything, some times you may want to scream at them but it may be better if you try your hardest to be calm.

If the driver appears suitably apologetic, then you have probably made them think more about the possible consequences of their actions. Please be very careful, for no matter how righteous you may feel, incidents of motorists physically assaulting cyclists appears to be on the increase.

So be prepared for the motorist who denies that that they were to blame. And this is when matters are most likely to get out of hand. Shouting is totally understandable in these circumstances. It may make you feel much better but you are unlikely to change their view, and also run a considerable risk. It may be hard to do but it may be best to simply cycle away. This is good advice even if your physique is clearly superior to the driver’s. Remember, they have a potentially lethal vehicle you don’t. If you leave them fuming, watch out for when they pass.

You may also encounter a driver who harasses you either physically with their vehicle, or verbally. If it was a serious incident, get their registration number, and if possible a description of the driver and names and phone numbers of any witnesses; then make a report to the police.

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