Overview of Bicycle Commuting

Commuting by bicycle can be a fun, dependable and very inexpensive mode of transportation. And it can be faster than driving too. Did you know that short three to five mile trips made in a city are often faster by bicycle than in a car There are many cyclists who enjoy commuting by bicycle over even longer distances. To make it even easier for people to commute by bike many cities across the United States are improving bike lanes, bike storage and allowing bikes on mass transit.

If you are thinking of trying out bicycle commuting, pick a nice day when you wont need your car for the whole day and try it out. Bicycle commuting is easier than you think. If you plan your ride ahead of time and use information available for your city. Once you have a plan and are properly prepared bicycle commuting is simple.

And once you’ve turned it into a habit, bicycle commuting becomes easier the more you do it.

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