Pedestrian Courtesy

Just as cyclists get harassed by a thoughtless or aggressive car drivers, pedestrians some times get harassed by a cyclists. This cycling minority turns trying to get better facilities for cyclists into a more difficult task. Pedestrians and cyclists are in the same boat and the car is causing by far the biggest threat to our collective safety.

Just because you have been given a hard time by a car driver does not mean that it is appropriate to take it out on a pedestrian. Intimidating behaviour towards pedestrians, whether its not stopping for them when they are on zebra crossings or crossing the road at a red light, or cycling agressively on the pavement, does no one any favors. The end result is a lessening of support for cyclists from the general public, which in turn makes it much trickier to get cycling facilities in place.

There are ways to help. You might consider stopping to let a pedestrian cross the road when you are under no legal obligation to do so. Give it a try the chances are that your thoughtfulness will be acknowledged by the pedestrian, and you will cycle off with a warm glow from having helped offset the growing tide of travelers who seem to have no time for anyone other than themselves.

So chill out a little, and enjoy the more relaxed benefits of cycling.

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